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The 3D cloud design software of the Sunvega family was dedicated to intelligent design for designers, including home decoration, all room customized, ceramic tiles bathroom, roof wall water and electricity, decoration companies, etc. they had more than 81 million material model library, 28 million Sunvega house type pictures. With one click, they could quickly rendering 4K high-definition rendering, one click, and accurately dismantled orders and butt production. With 720 degrees of VR panoramic view, they could precisely marketing,To help the household industry increase the signing rate.

Evergrande Real Estate

Evergrande Real Estate Group was one of the top 500 enterprises in the world based on the real estate industry of people's livelihood, with cultural tourism, health care as two wings, and new energy vehicles as the leader.

Ai Jia

Ai Jia was founded at the beginning of 2015.Angel investor, one virtue group and two construction groups, created a new mode of Internet Ecology, sharing economy and real estate 3.

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