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Brand culture
Brand profile

EBERY was a global fashion brand. With the brand genes of design, extravagance and technology, it entered the Chinese market in 2005 and established a production base in Foshan, Guangdong province. It had opened more than 500 exclusive shops in China to provide high-quality services for customers, and was deeply loved and respected by the vast majority of consumers and designers!

EBERY had always been dedicated to the furniture design of the whole house and advocate "good design and Smart Life". She always focused on the changes of consumption demands and had always been committed to the creative research and development of products. Many of her works had been evaluated or selected to the best annual assessment of the domestic industry, the Kapok Design Awards China, the IF design award, and so on,She had been dedicated to using products to make more people realize the dream of a good home life.

In the past 16 years, EBERY had become the chief editor in chief of customized home products and services standard for intelligent home functions and other industry standards, actively pushing forward the industry development. She had also been awarded with the title of "top ten brands of customized home", "display brand of Shanghai World Expo", "national high-tech enterprise", "product certification of China's environment logo""Top 500 domestic products in China.".In the future, EBERY would stick to "design for the future" and become a high-end customized "unicorn" brand in China.

Brand definition

The logo of EBERY was used to realize the dream wings, showing the momentum of flying up with all her might, implying the meaning of "foreseeing, dream, home". The LOGO of EBERY was customized in the original form of the enterprise's English letters "E B E R Y", which was very modern fashion design;

Everybody;Bring about;Even;Room;Young made more people realize their dream of living at home.

Brand concept
The mission of the company: to let more people realize the dream of a good home life.
Enterprise pursuit: return the country by industry.
The company vision: in the customized furniture industry, we are committed to becoming a world leading enterprise.
The core value of an enterprise: customer oriented, striven for, long-term pursuit of the improvement of humanity living quality.

EBERY had upgraded to a customized one, which featured "good design and Smart Life" and added some products like the wall panel and the mini door.

It was honored as a high-tech enterprise;It has passed the product verification of China's environment sign;EBERY had become the editor in chief of the customized home products and the function guide of intelligent home scenes.

To further strengthen the brand construction on the super brand day of EBERY 620;Implement the project of lean management for all employees and create a industry standard management mode.


The new product series 2018 developed by the union of designers in Italy was on the market;Entering the cupboard field, creating an era of the whole house customized furniture.


To set up the first home decoration Research Institute to lead the trend of industry's product research and development;The first non existing production line of the customized furniture industry in Asia was officially put into production at the EBERY two factory.


It started the E6 system to increase the sales and successfully made a ten million level business tycoon;It was the first time for the whole house customized industry to realize online offers for orders.


The EBERY Internet shopping mall, the mobile phone shopping mall, and the WeChat shopping mall were all online. The O2O system model was fully activated;It won the honor of "top ten brands of the house customized store" and "top ten brands of the closet in China".


Starting the transformation and improvement of the lean production, fully mastering the information intellectual production;3D cloud design system, CRM system and OA system were officially online.


It was the first time to create "all room style customized" furniture, creating all room customized new products;They moved to the Pine Industrial Park in Shishan Town, Nanhai, Foshan. The plant covered an area of 40000 square meters.


It opened the digital door and implemented the ERP system to realize the systematic management of the whole company's supply chain;"Top ten brands in China" and "famous Chinese brand".


It made an appearance at the twelfth China (Guangzhou) International Architecture and decoration exposition again;"Golden brand of the entire wardrobe industry".


Signed film and television stars Dong Jie and Pan Yueming, becoming the first double star brand in the customized home industry; As a representative of fashion custom wardrobe, it has become a display brand of custom wardrobe industry in Shanghai World Expo.


EBERY fashion wardrobe won the "top ten brands in China's wardrobe industry".


The brand VI image of the product was activated.

2007-Grow up

The technology system of closet No. 620, which was created by EBERY, was formally introduced to the market.

2006-Show up

It was the first time that EBERY had appeared at the eighth Guangzhou construction exhibition, which was the prelude to its expansion throughout the country;In China, there were 80 exclusive brand shops, and the sales had risen rapidly.

2005-Set sail

The global fashion brand EBERY was officially established in Foshan, China.

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